Monday, October 09, 2006

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It only took me hundreds of dollars worth of cameras, film and processing and countless hours of struggle for me to realize that a lot of the photographs I took with my LCA—before it broke—aren't much better than the ones I took with my Fisher Price camera when I was eight years old. If you don't believe me, check out my LomoHome. (In fact, these pictures are just as good as pretty much every single photo on This could mean that I was a photographic genius as a child or that I'm a crap photographer who should just give up. However, this could also mean that the institution of experimental lo-fi photography is full of shit. If you're a teenager with an Internet connection in the year 2006, chances are that you fancy yourself a photographer. If you've done any snapshot photography, you probably have a few photos like these lying around. I'll bet you thought you were hot shit when you took that picture of your best friend in which only half of his/her face is in the frame or maybe you were really proud of that picture you took in front of a mirror (with the flash on, of course) for your MySpace profile. Well, guess what. An eight-year-old can do that, so get off your horse and read an Andreas Feininger book before you embarrass yourself any further.

Alright, you've read my rant but, seriously, check out the photos. They're fun.



Blogger Olivia said...

dress it up anyways you want, all this proves it that you were a myspacer from day one.

2:03 PM  

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