Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I t'o'l d myse-lf t*h*i*s u-ntil I beli_eve_d i+t+, t-h'e*n I sw_itche-d o f,f my l*ight a*n,d st_arted up.
W h,a,t c,ould t-h+a_t m+e a-n*.
Zig'zags s'hoot acro ss t.h-e s+hiny glass,.
E'v-e.n th*ose thr'ee mis.era ble t, raitors in wh'ose in_nocenc.e y+o,u o*n c*e be'lie*ved -- Jones,, A'arons_on, a.n d R.uth erford -- in t_h+e e,n*d we bro_ke t-h-e+m d'o,w_n-.

You will be invisible, but everywhere you go in the Metaverse you will leave a swath of destruction and confusion a mile wide.


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